About us

Imagination is at our core

We constantly push boundaries and redefine what’s possible when the worlds of sport, technology and entertainment collide.

Stories for the world

We create the most exciting, emotional, and phenomenal programming – thrilling the whole of India with our stories.

Unleashing the sporting revolution

From Kabaddi to cricket and football, our sports go beyond just entertaining people – we're making India a multi-sport powerhouse.

Big screen dreams

Our movies constantly redefine the possibilities of cinema. We want people to experience magic when they watch them. 

Redefining technology

We have a pioneering spirit, unstoppable in creating inventive and groundbreaking new ways to tell our stories.

Our leadership team

Our senior executives bring the experience and vision to lead us into the future.

Star Plus: Illuminating Indian Television for 175 Consecutive Weeks.

Amidst this high-stakes arena, one name reigns supreme - Star Plus.


Introducing 'Words of Pride': A step towards the journey of inclusivity🏳️‍🌈

In the realm of human connection, words hold an extraordinary power – they can make us feel seen, heard, and valued.

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