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Fitness First

Colleagues that workout together, work well together. At Star, we make it easy for everyone to choose a healthier lifestyle

We all know that sitting is the new smoking. But what if we tell you that a fitter lifestyle doesn’t demand too much of you? At Star, we are always thinking of how we can make our work culture more fun, more productive, and more importantly, easier. We want to offer a work-life that factors in all that is important to build a workforce that’s healthy, happy and energetic.

But how do we ensure our employees ­are physically fit as well? How can we introduce some cardio in your high-intense workday, a few stretches in your already over-stretched schedule, some calm in your chaotic life, and a few extra steps towards a ­­­­fitter you?

At Star, convenience, easy access, and value-creation are core to our cultural policies. We do a few things, but we do them right. To promote a fitter workplace, we want our employees to take just a few simple steps.


With Stepathlon, a corporate wellness program, we are encouraging employees to participate in a 75-day-long virtual race. It’s an easy, hassle-free way to stay fit, motivated, and destress effectively. All you have to do is walk or run 10,000 steps every day. The best part? You can do this in teams of five to make it more enjoyable and competitive.

Staying fit doesn’t need to be a debilitating task for which you need to carve out a few hours. You can start small, and be a #EverydayAthlete. We host yoga and meditation workshops on a regular basis to ensure employees are well-acquainted with easy fitness tips, deskercises, quick stretches and quick hacks.  

In a yoga workshop conducted by the Stepathlon team at the Star HQ in Mumbai, our employees learnt how they can stay fit with simple healthy changes, quick stretches at the desk, and rejuvenate in under 10 minutes.

“India is known to be one of the top unhealthy nations in the world, and it’s time to wake up. I enjoyed the practical and realistic health tips and exercises shared in this workshop. For example, I learnt about how I can relax my fingers and wrist to avoid the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”
Deepti Kataria, Human Resources at Star India

Ashwini Prabhu, on the other hand, will be sitting ‘more consciously’ to get the posture right. “I learnt how to sit correctly to avoid knee troubles, how to stretch my back and specific joints to re-energise, and to ensure I walk on a regular basis,” she says.

For others simply learning to take 10 deep breaths with eyes closed has proven to be calming, relaxes the eyes, and also helps stay oriented in high-stress situations.

In a yoga workshop conducted by the Stepathlon team at the Star HQ in Mumbai, our employees learn quick hacks to stay healthy.

Colleagues that workout together

At Star, the camaraderie has always gone beyond work – colleagues are often great friends and sometimes even workout together. In just a few days, we have already received 200 sign-ups for the Stepathlon race, of which there are already several teams that want to participate in this together. To make fitness fun, we host regular in-house Zumba and kickboxing classes that takes place after hours at 6 pm.

We wanted it to be easy for our employees to stay fit – so you can simply finish your last meeting, change into your workout gear and head up to the 31st floor for a dance workout with colleagues.

“I enjoy changing up my workout routine every day. Some days I swim, some days I dance, and I often play Badminton as well. I take the Zumba class every week, and it’s a great stress-buster and a fun way to meet new people working across teams. The best part about this is the easy access and convenience.”
Neetika Choudhary, Social Intelligence

Nutrition to match

Diets are hard, and they require a lot of planning. At Star, we help you manage your nutrition a little better. At our 24X7 Cafeteria, we have a dedicated salad and juice bar, as well as healthy snack options of Moong Chaat, Channa Chat, Egg Whites, and more. All you have to do is choose well to live well.

At Star, we have placed Table Tennis tables on every floor, to encourage games as a way to de-stress. We want our employees to tear away from the screen, get away from their desks and engage in movement that’s not strenuous. A 10-minute game of TT can be a better way to take a break instead of indulging in unhealthy watercooler gossip or browsing through social media websites. On the Star Sports floor, we also have trampolines – jump and shake off all that pent up tension! 

“A short game of TT every afternoon is great fun and the perfect de-stressing activity. It is also encouraging as I am trying to learn a new game, a new skill and I want to get better at it,” says Deval Marolia, Big Data Analytics.

So start today, make good choices and tell us how you feel!

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