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Making 'Bring your Kids to Star' meaningful

The annual event introduces children to a creative workplace.

When we asked little Dhruv, what his mom, Hetal, does at work, he answered, “She is the best glue stick queen because she is the best and hence people stick to her.” On our annual ‘Bring Your Kids to Star day’, we celebrate this inspiring and innocent imagination. This year, 700 of our employees’ kids visited our offices to see their parents in work mode. We also invited over 300 kids from various NGOs, which support underprivileged children, for an experiential, educational event.

The excitement across Star offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, and Kolkata was palpable as we readied to host 1000 kids at this annual event. Adorned with festivities, our offices were transformed into a wonderland for these children.

Nurturing storytelling at a young age

As stories are at the core of what we do; the highlight of the day was the story-telling masterclass by David Freeman, famous novelist and Hollywood screenwriter. The session came alive with refreshing and imaginative stories by the young minds.

“Some of the kids came up with incredibly creative and complex stories, and all the grown-ups who worked with them, including me, came out quite happy and uplifted from the experience.”
David Freeman, novelist and Hollywood screenwriter

The annual celebration is meant to inspire kids and get them excited about the many career opportunities they can choose from. For our employees, this is the time to show their children the space they work at and what is it that they do here. 

“We believe that family comes first and continuously try to devise various policies for our employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance. The ‘Bring Your Kids to Star Day’ is one such opportunity for us to give our employees’ kids a peek into what their parents do here. It’s a matter of pride for our employees to show them that they work here.”
Amita Maheshwari, Head – Human Resources, APAC & India, DMED

For NGO kids, the day offers them an opportunity to visit an invigorating work environment and visualise a future for themselves. “We are thankful to Star for making this one of the most memorable experiences for our children,” Huberta Francis, managing trustee, AshaDeep Association, Mumbai. "They came back with stars in their eyes, talking about how awesome it would be to work at Star. Initiatives like these expose these children to realities and opportunities they don't know exist. It serves as a motivator to not drop out of schools and colleges."


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