Delight Possibilities Journeys

Growing together

Our child day care facilities enable working parents and their children to be close to each other.

We understand that parenthood changes everything. At Star, we want to support new parents in this journey. Our Creche facility is located close to our offices and offers a safe, fun and enriching environment for the young children to grow in.

We Change

We are constantly changing, challenging and doing totally new things. New formats, cutting-edge technology, with the highest quality standards – one of our key principles is to challenge status quo.

We Connect

We have an incredible connection with our people. We are always working to understand their loves, their dreams and how we can help them do and be more.

We Create

Imagination is the heart of everything we do. We create new possibilities and open up new ideas. We pride ourselves on being a hothouse of creativity.

We Care

We care for our colleagues, our communities and our country. We believe in the power of using media as a force for good by creating content that has a positive impact on society.

Imagine more
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