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Leading Indian television into the digital era

We are constantly changing to stay ahead and bring the best to our viewers. India has steadily marched forward, becoming a global pioneer in the digital revolution. We are proud of our role in that evolution – bringing our viewers their favourite shows, films and sport in cutting-edge, high-definition digital broadcast.

Why digital?

We are always focused on the future. In 2011, we took the decision to go fully digital. At the back end, this involved transferring all of our stored content from tapes to the cloud. At the same time, we began broadcasting five channels – Star Plus, Star World, Star Gold, Star Movies and partner channel National Geographic – in high-definition with Dolby sound.

Star helped digitise the broadcast ecosystem. “In 2010, we trained production houses on how to shoot HD, training them on the new technology,” says Gajendra Tijare, Senior Vice President, Broadcast Technology. “Within the following 18-24 months, many of our competitors went digital. I think it might be fair to state that Star India got the industry HD-ready.” We trained post-production facilities and production houses to transfer content using a digital pipeline.

Making it work

We worked with Prime Focus Technologies as our technology partner. We utilised PFT's services to execute the entire continuum of the digital process. Content Live - our online storage platform to access, view and review content (shows, promos & TVCs) on the go was thus created.

Digital impact

Going digital helped us take huge strides in efficiency. Digital content is regulated and categorised via metadata, just like how hashtags are used on social media. Metadata has proved remarkably useful.

When the government put restrictions on scenes with smoking, we had to simply type in ‘smoking’ in our metadata, and we could find all the smoking scenes.” Metadata also enabled contextual advertising. Content Live enabled us to ramp up new channel launches & platforms with greater speed & efficiency.

We have always sought to make a difference beyond simply the company’s requirements. The environmental benefits were a key factor in our decision. Just transferring from tapes to cloud means 2.5 lakh tapes are saved annually. Fuel consumption fell because physical delivery of these tapes was no longer needed. “This was a conscious choice,” says Sean Wesley of the broadcast technology team. “Not only did we make this intention clear to our own organisation, but also to associates like the production houses we worked with. We’ve made an enormous difference to our industry’s carbon footprint.”

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We Change

We are constantly changing, challenging and doing totally new things. New formats, cutting-edge technology, with the highest quality standards – one of our key principles is to challenge status quo.

We Connect

We have an incredible connection with our people. We are always working to understand their loves, their dreams and how we can help them do and be more.

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Imagination is the heart of everything we do. We create new possibilities and open up new ideas. We pride ourselves on being a hothouse of creativity.

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We care for our colleagues, our communities and our country. We believe in the power of using media as a force for good by creating content that has a positive impact on society.

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