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Break The Loop

Challenging the loop of inequality

The fight for equality starts with breaking the conditioning that affects women. For this Women’s Day, Star’s Break The Loop film chose to go back to the start and question the stereotypes that arise from socialisation. The idea was to articulate the burden of gender expectations that women alone have to bear and make that weight visible. From the moment, women are born, they are conditioned to be likeable, presentable, and to adhere to the unrealistic standards of gender and it gets passed on from one generation to the next. This loop is what the film intends to break in its messaging and treatment. A life size rotating vinyl becomes a metaphor for the repetitive fears that shackle them. A young girl comes into the frame and asks “Am I pretty, mumma?”. As the film progresses, women of all ages come forward and challenge the fears that have come in their way at home, at work or society at large. Through this film, we hope that women across the world feel that it is time for them to call out inequality and bring their most authentic self forward.

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