'Nayi Soch' in a new India

Why we took 'Nayi Soch' to the ground

'Nayi Soch' is breaking the conventional ways people think about women.

We live in a country where mothers are worshipped. Yet, the arrival of a girl-child is often seen as a sad news. We all agree on gender equality, yet women are struggling to be at par with men in both their personal and professional lives.

The concerns are real. Several legal and education documents such as degree certificates demand a father’s name to be filled in. This has led to a lot of problems for divorced and single mothers. It is only recently that the High Court has made it acceptable to fill in only a mother’s name for a passport application, as women protested against the patriarchal system. According to the 2015 United Nations Human Development Report, India was ranked 130th out of 155 nations in the world when it came to gender equality.


Avni in Naamkarann, reflects 'Nayi Soch'

Changing the trend

'Nayi Soch' aims to change this reality and encourage a new mindset that stamps out gender bias.

In a new initiative that questions societal stereotypes that hold women back, we partnered with the Board of Cricket Control in India. As the official team sponsor of the Indian cricket team at that time, we launched a TV campaign where cricketing heroes became the ambassadors of this new thinking. In the campaign advertisements, the then-Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and star batsmen Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane proudly donned jerseys that had their mothers’ names instead of their own or their fathers’ surnames. What they acknowledged was crucial: their identities were made from their mothers as much as they were from their fathers.

M S Dhoni endorses 'Nayi Soch'
Virat Kohli features in 'Nayi Soch' campaign

A global first initiative

Star India and BCCI were committed to take this a step further. On 29th of October 2016, when the team walked on to the field for the 5th One Day International between India and New Zealand at Visakhapatnam, the players wore the jerseys that had their mothers’ names.

Team India sporting their mothers' names on their jerseys

The gesture by India’s most popular sporting heroes was a global first. It may have been a simple act but it challenged old conventions and beliefs, and promoted this crucial agenda.

“The Indian cricketers sporting their mothers’ names make for a powerful and emotive statement and we are thankful to BCCI and the Indian Cricket team for partnering with us on this idea. It will support the voice of the emerging Indian woman and inspire millions to acknowledge and celebrate the identity and role of women in India.”
Marketing team

Challenging societal stereotypes

Nowhere is the bias against women starker than on the streets of India. There are over 10 millions shops and establishments across India. While it is common to see businesses with boards that have the title ‘and Sons’, it is almost impossible that even one will bear the name ‘and Daughters’.

Our campaign launched on the eve of Women’s Day 2017 hit an emotional chord with millions of Indians. Joining us once again was Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan. In a minute-long film, created by Ogilvy and directed by Nitesh Tiwari of Dangal fame, the issue of gender inequality was dealt with head on.

Khan plays the role of an affable father, Gurdeep Singh, who owns a sweet shop in a small town in India. With his business doing well, a known customer attributes Khan’s success to his capable sons. And that’s when the progressive father proudly reveals: his daughters and not his sons are propelling the business.

#NayiSoch- Gurdeep Singh And Daughters

“We at Star believe that daughters are equally capable to bring laurels to their families and society. Our latest 'Nayi Soch' film reflects this confidence. It not only questions the gender discrimination that still exists, but also iterates our belief that it is time for fathers to step up and inspire their daughters with confidence and self-belief.”

Star Plus team

Gurdeep Singh understood one simple principle: success is not dependent on one’s gender. Success hinges on the quality of one’s thoughts. That’s what we believe too. This to us is 'Nayi Soch' in a new India.

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