21 May 2024

This Election Season, National Geographic India Honours Democratic Spirit with a Special Feature titled ‘India Votes #WorldsLargestElection’

Premiering on May 23, the film sheds light on the ongoing general elections of India, igniting pride amongst viewers & instilling excitement about the power of voting.

New Delhi, 21st May, 2024: India, with nearly 97 crore registered voters, stands tall as the titan of elections as compared to USA with just 16.8 crore and Russia with 11.4 crore registered voters respectively. Interestingly, the size of the population of Uttar Pradesh is equivalent to the combined population of Germany, UK and France. As the general election fervour grasps the nation, National Geographic India brings the grandest spectacle of the year – ‘India Votes #WorldsLargestElection’. Hosted by actor Cyrus Sahukar, this 44-minute special feature offers an exclusive peek into the world’s largest elections, India’s General Elections 2024, spotlighting the intricate nuances and complexities of the country's electoral process.

Premiering on 23rd May at 8 PM on National Geographic, this captivating film serves as a beacon of insight into the upcoming general elections, evoking a strong sense of national pride and fervour for the democratic prowess. Set against the backdrop of India's vast electoral landscape, the film strikes a balance between being informative and light-hearted, appealing to the young audience. From decoding general elections to saluting the foot soldiers of Indian Election, it showcases the scale, grandeur, technology, and human spirit inherent in the Indian Elections. The film also delves deep into the beating heart of Indian democracy and the nerve centre of our nation – the all-new parliament. Presenting India’s vibrant democratic processes, the film promises to uncover every aspect of the electoral journey like never before. Not only does it capture the Chief Election Commissioner of India in action, as he prepares for the elections, but the film also delves into his personal journey, providing viewers with a glimpse into his life beyond his official duties.  


“At National Geographic, we are committed to bringing groundbreaking narratives and experiences that inspire people to see the world with optimism, energy, and hope. With this election special feature, we are thrilled to showcase the incredible journey of democracy in action, inviting viewers to celebrate the power of every vote and the unity it fosters in our nation,”
- National Geographic Spokesperson.
“The preparation for the general elections begin almost two years in advance. So we began around 2022. It's a huge amount of capacity building, technological upgradation which has to happen, preparation of polling stations. Announcing the election actually, it is one of the biggest professional events in one's life, one very rarely gets this kind of public trust of 96 crores, 960 million Indian voters to do the elections peacefully inducement free, violence free and it's a huge responsibility.”
- Rajiv Kumar, Election Commissioner of India.

As the anticipation builds and the nation braces itself for the democratic spectacle of the year, ‘India Votes: World’s Largest Election’ stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of Indian democracy.

India Votes: World’s Largest Election will premiere on 23 May 2024 at 8pm on National Geographic.

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